Real People. Real Bodies. Real Results.

Club Services

We live by the Golden Rule. We believe in treating others the way we want to be treated ourselves.  Our mission is to create an environment where everyone feels welcome.

Join us and enjoy an atmosphere where each member and their guests are treated with respect and celebrated throughout their health and fitness journeys.

Don’t let the affordable membership fees fool you. You are a member — never a number here. We know your name and want you to know you are welcomed from the front desk all the way through your regular visits.

Have You Felt uncomfortable in the Past?

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how refreshingly different we are.  Energy is the essence of our club, friendliness a staple; it’s our job to help your feel like your best self from the inside out.

Not sure what to do at a gym? No sweat!

At Ultimate, we will guide you through every workout for FREE!

You won’t find the meet-market, the singles club, or a room full of perfect bodies at Ultimate Fitness in Bettendorf and Rock Island. Join “Real People” with “Real Bodies,” just like you.

Personal Training

Check out our new FitCore room and sign up for an amazing small group training experience!


Weight Loss

Our approach is to address your health from the inside-out. And the best way to improve your health is



Nutrition tends to be the “forgotten” aspect when it comes to fitness and weight loss. However, it is a key



Traditional and Sunless Tanning Options Feeling tired and got ‘the blues.' You may have ‘cabin fever’



. Designed to stimulate the minds and bodies of children toddler to ‘tween so they can have fun